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School Of Robotics

We specialised in robotics research & development. Training is planned in the future.


Currently, we had invented the Plegofield and Holonomic Wheels.


Plegofield is a modular playing field for robots.  It is Lego-like and can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled into different designs of playing field.  It can be packed and stored away when not in use.


Holonomic Wheels are wheels with 2 degrees of freedom.  They are also known as omni-directional wheels or omni-wheels for short. They are also LEGO Mindstorm compatible. It can also be used for non-Lego robots.


We are also working on other robots for educational and commercial purposes.


One of our ambition is to start taking students from the 6th graders for a 6 year course and prepare them for university studies.  They will be in the DSA (Direct School Admission) similar in concept to NUS High that specialised in Maths and Science.  We will specialise in Robotics, Programming and Electro-mechanical designs in addition to the GCE 'O' and 'A' Level of studies.


We plan to be operational in January 2015.  Meanwhile, we are appealing to companies and institutions with robotics expertise and equipment to assist to put this plan into action.  Please contact us if you have any equipment or you can provide any resources or assistance in any kind.  Your contributions need not be shipped now.  We will keep you informed of the progress and we probably need them in 2009.  Meanwhile, please let me know in advance what you will be contributing so we can plan for it.  Thank you.


LEGO Mindstorm omniwheel or holonomic wheel isometric view